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In AquaChile we elaborate products of the highest quality, through a responsible production with the environment and close to the communities in which we are present.
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We are a salmon company that feeds more than 150 million people around the world in a rich and healthy way. We produce products of the highest quality through responsible production with the environment and close to neighboring communities.


We are the second largest company in the world in salmon production.


We are a company from the south of Chile and we have presence through our fish farms, cultivation centers and processing plants in the regions of Araucanía, Los Lagos, Los Ríos, Aysén and Magallanes of Chile.


AquaChile is an open company in the Santiago Stock Exchange since 2011. We seek to provide value to our investors by giving information about our company and its financial performance.


Who We Are

who we are

We are a salmon company that feeds more than 150 million people around the world in a rich and healthy way. We produce products of the highest quality through responsible production with the environment and close to neighboring communities.

Our People

The AquaChile team is made up of more than 5,000 workers, who daily work with effort and commitment, which allows our food to reach the most demanding markets in the world.

Corporate Gobernance

Currently the AquaChile directory is composed of:

José Guzmán Vial
Gonzalo Vial Vial
María Pilar Vial Concha
María José Vial Concha
Andrés Vial Sanchez
Luis Enrique Álamos Olivos
Francisco Puga Matte

Organigrama de Gerencia

  1. Agustin Ugalde


    1. Ignacio Sandoval

      Manager of Processing Plants

      1. Yeric Vuscovich

        Processing Plant Manager Cardonal

      2. Gustavo Rivera

        Processing Plant Manager Calbuco

      3. Francisco Mozo

        Processing Plant Manager Cailín

    2. Francisco Lepeley


    3. Vicente de la Cruz


    4. Rodolfo Alvarado


    5. Matias Del Campo

      General Manager AquaInnovo

    6. Juan Carlos López

      Seawater Production Manager

      1. Rodrigo García

        Seawater Production Manager for Coho

      2. Guido Fuentes

        Sub Gerente de Operaciones

      3. Claudio Valenzuela

        Seawater Production Manager X Region

      4. Luis Huerta

        Gerente Producción Agua Mar Salmón Atlántico

      5. Mauricio Sotomayor

        Seawater Production Assistant Manager XI Region Northeastern Area

    7. Alejandra Cid

      Human Resources


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce healthy aquaculture products for this generation and for future generations, respecting and appreciating our surroundings and our people.
We aim to be recognized worldwide for the quality of our products, for the sustainability of our processes and for the respect we show to our workers.
Corporate Values
  • Be respectful towards people, work and the environment.
  • Feel passionate about the work that is being done.
  • Be creative and show initiative every day.
  • Take preventive measures and keep safe.
  • Take up new challenges and be open to change.
  • Be austere in our actions.
  • Add value at every stage of the process, keeping in mind the health and safety of our workers and concern for the environment; give each customer, at home or overseas, the best product possible, with the best service and at the most convenient price.
  • Guarantee in every stage of the process, the safety, quality and competitiveness in the production and distribution of Salmon, Sea Trout and Tilapia.
  • Attain international recognition for the quality and consistency of our products and services, which should translate into our customers preferring us and the business becoming more sustainable.
  • Constantly improve the way that things are done, paying attention to the quality of the product, the efficiency of processes, innovating through technology and minimizing risks in the workplace and impact on the environment.
  • Encourage the professional and personal development of all people that are part of the value chain, contributing to improving their competencies and consolidating their commitment to the welfare of the community and the conservation of the environment.
  • Stimulate the association and integration with other companies.

AquaChile’s Integrated Policy of Quality and Sustainability state the commitments and the objectives of the Company.


AquaChile is a company that was born 30 years ago in the south of Chile. The company is the product of different mergers and associations that have marked our character as an open company and willing to make alliances. In 2019 there was a new great integration between AquaChile, Los Fiordos, Salmones Magallanes and Friosur. With this merger, we became the national leader and the second largest producer of salmon in the world.