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Two years ago, AquaChile broke new ground by opening a store in Puerto Montt to offer export-quality salmon to Chileans, and were the first salmon company to do something of this nature.

Currently we have 3 stores in important cities in Chile, including a newly opened store in Santiago, Chile’s capital city.
Santiago Store
This is located in Vitacura, in the street Luis Pasteur 6614. Telephone (56-2) 2414 6220 - (56-2) 2414 6222, contact
Puerto Montt Store
This is located next to the main offices of AquaChile: Cardonal s/n in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region. Telephone (56-65) 2433 690, contact
Aysén Store
This is located within the main offices of AquaChile in Puerto Aysén, Address: Km 4, Camino a Aysén, Chacabuco. Contact