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Who We Are

From the South of Chile, our company reaches the most demanding markets of the world with high value food products made from the company’s own-grown Salmon, Sea Trout and Tilapia.

Corporate Governance

AquaChile’s Board of Directors is made up of seven members who are elected at the Shareholders’ Meeting. Together they direct the company so that it can continue growing in an optimum and controlled way, to create value for the shareholders and for the company in general, as well as generate social development and new jobs in the places where the company works.

Víctor Hugo Puchi Acuña
Chairman of the Board

A Commercial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile with an MBA from the University of Chicago. After graduating he developed his career in the financial departments of companies such as Iansa, BHC group and Quiñeco. He is a Director of Centrovet and Hidronor Companies. He also has business interests in real estate, tourism and livestock in the 10th and 11th Regions of Chile.

Humberto Fischer Llop

A Veterinarian from the Universidad Austral of Chile. He is one of the pioneers of the Salmon industry, where in 1985 he founded the Salmones Pacífico Sur S.A. company. This company focused on the on-growing stage in sea water and sales and distribution of the products. He also has investments in the tourism, agriculture, livestock and real estate. He is also a director of the Dreams chain of hotels and casinos, throughout Chile.

Mario Puchi Acuña

A Fisheries Technician from the Universidad Técnica del Estado. He started his professional career in the Agriculture and Livestock Service in Aysén and later in the National Fishery Service in the same region. This activity allowed him to specialize and participate in the project of introducing Pacific salmon into Chile. At the end of the 80’s he participated as a managing partner of AquaChile S.A. and he also has business interests in livestock in the 10th and 11th Regions.

Claudio Fischer Llop

An Airline Pilot and founding partner of Salmones Pacífico Sur S.A. company founded in 1985. He currently has investments in transportation, tourism, real estate, agriculture and livestock, amongst other areas. He is Director of different companies in diverse areas. He is also the Executive Chairman of the Dreams chain of hotels and casinos and of the duty-free zone in Punta Arenas.

Alejandro Pérez Rodríguez

A Civil Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de Chile with a Masters in Economy from the University of Chicago. He is Chairman of the Board of the Universidad San Sebastián. He is Vice-President of the Board of Indisa Clinic, Director of Entel and of the Clínica Los Andes de Puerto Montt S.A. He was the General Manager of Celulosa Arauco, of Soprole S.A. and of Watt’s Alimentos S.A.

Piero Solari Donaggio

A Civil Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica  in Chile, with an MBA from the Sloan School of Management, MIT. Executive Director of the Megeve Investments Family Office, Director of Haldeman Mining Company and Parque del Recuerdo. He is also Vice-President of Aptus Chile, a non-profit educational company. He was President of the water company Aguas Nuevas S.A. during the years 2004–2009.

Pilar Lamana Gaete

A Commercial Engineer from the Universidad de Chile. She is a company advisor, and Professor at the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. She is a Director of Empresas Flores, Empresas Artel and Laboratorios Petrizzio as well as owner of the Gelatería Biancolatte. She has had different positions in Unilever Chile, one of these being the Senior Vice-President of Customer Management.

Directors’ Committe

The people who make up the Directors’ Committee of Empresas AquaChile are:

  • Pilar Lamana / Independent Director
  • Humberto Fischer / Director
  • Alejandro Pérez / Director and Chairman of the Directors’ Committee
Our People

More than 5,500 workers make up the employees of AquaChile. They work in Chile, Costa Rica, Panama and the United States. They work every day to ensure that the food we produce and export is healthy, of high quality and safe.

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  1. Agustin Ugalde


    1. Ignacio Sandoval

      Manager of Processing Plants

      1. Yeric Vuscovich

        Processing Plant Manager Cardonal

      2. Gustavo Rivera

        Processing Plant Manager Calbuco

      3. Francisco Mozo

        Processing Plant Manager Cailín

    2. Francisco Lepeley


    3. Vicente de la Cruz


    4. Rodolfo Alvarado


    5. Matias Del Campo

      General Manager AquaInnovo

    6. Juan Carlos López

      Seawater Production Manager

      1. Rodrigo García

        Seawater Production Manager for Coho

      2. Guido Fuentes

        Sub Gerente de Operaciones

      3. Claudio Valenzuela

        Seawater Production Manager X Region

      4. Luis Huerta

        Gerente Producción Agua Mar Salmón Atlántico

      5. Mauricio Sotomayor

        Seawater Production Assistant Manager XI Region Northeastern Area

    7. Alejandra Cid

      Human Resources